Friday, April 22, 2011

A Mommy Date!

On Wednesday, Matthias and I joined our friend Cat and her sweet baby S on a lunch date.  It was my first mommy date since moving to Tokyo and I was very excited.  We walked over the ridiculously steep pedestrian bridge to Shibuya (Tokyo is not very stroller/wheelchair friendly, but that's another post) and met our friends at Shibuya Mark City, a hotel, restaurant, and shopping complex.

The steep pedestrian stairway and ramp.  It takes all my strength to maintain control on the stroller going down, and going up is quite the workout.  You'd have to be a paralympian to control a wheelchair on such a grade!

A glimpse of Shibuya's famous intersection, or "scramble crossing."  When it's crowded, there are thousands of people crossing at the same time.

I planned on taking pictures during lunch expressly for this blog post, but Matthias had other plans.  He kept Mommy's hands VERY full.  We chose to get Chinese food and can I just tell you how hard it is to eat with chopsticks while holding an octopus infant?   Even though Cat is Chinese and I am proficient with chopsticks, we ended up asking for forks, because S was nursing and Matthias was wiggling, fussing, finger-painting with my food, and otherwise causing a ruckus.  Thankfully, it was past peak lunch time and the restaurant was almost empty.  Also, the host, server, and cooks loved babies, and kept distracting Matthias just when he was ready for a major meltdown.  Overall, we only lost one sock and splashed one sweater in the fray, so I'd say it was a success!

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