Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in Pictures

After the excitement (and tremendous helpfulness) of my mom's visit during May, June had fewer outings and more stress, especially related to Philip's work and our future plans.  The month flew by, but the main things I will remember are watching my little guy get bigger, more adorable, and more mobile.  I can't believe he is eight months old.  I love him so much my heart could burst!

He tried lots of new foods this month, including sauteed spinach, shredded apple, and mashed potatoes to name a few:

He played with his best buddies, S and E at our small group BBQ (sorry the photo is out of focus - I still think it's cute!)

Three adorable babies and one handsome man!

He lets us chew a bit more when we go to restaurants now that he is eating some solids:

Yes, he is strapped in with his Ergo carrier.  We have to be creative because highchairs here rarely have straps.  

He even let Mommy slip away to the salon to get a long overdue haircut.  That was an adventure including pictures, lots of hand gestures, and drawings.  In the end, I think my stylist, Kumiko, did a great job giving me a new look.  

No more ponytail for this mommy!  I even blowdry it most days!

 He went from reaching, to lunging, to almost crawling...

This week's favorite pastime is "helping" Mommy with laundry:

Now, if he could just learn how to put the insert in the diaper... :c)

He usually looks like this:

But every now and then, he looks like this:

Fuss Face!

That's June, folks!  Less than a month until we return home for a visit.  We are so excited!


  1. Awww I love the pics! I didn't know you cloth diapered too :) Your new haircut looks great...I so need to get one. Also my little boy is almost crawling and he's doing the same thing as yours...that leaning over when sitting up with a leg out!

  2. I don't know why but that last picture makes me laugh. Babies are still so cute even when long as it's not my baby :)